Trade Mark:Sheeta, Ferrari, Al Badawi

General Manager:RebhyBadawyAlZatary

Contact Person:RebhyBadawyAlZatary

Short Description: Al Badawy company is one of the outstanding companies in the Palestinian market, specialising in sandals and summer shoes for all different sizes and genders. Al Badawi products include a wide variety of high-quality leather sandals and slippers designed in a modern style.

To ensure high quality, Al Badawy is keen to get the best natural leather, which relies on their very long experience in tanning leather. Al Badawialso uses a modern machines to injection sole sandals directly.

Al Badawiis always improving its performance on an on-going basis to reduce production errors to a minimum until satisfaction is achieved with customers and consumers.

History: Al Badawi history goes back from 1945 when Mr.Badawy was a leather Tanner, up until 1985 he started producing leather sandals and had a small workshop in addition to the leather tanning, in 1993 they improved the production process by introducing a sole injection machine, and started exporting to Saudi Arabia, after that in 2012 they improved the injection machine by purchasing an automatic machine, and opened new markets in Europe, Jordan, USA, and continued selling to Saudi Arabia.

Vision & Mission:To maintain the current production amount, and minimise faults and production defects.

Experience:Specialize in leather sandals.

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